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Why is the wooden house a perfect home?

Rustic on March 23, 2020

We know that tastes are not discussed and each man has his vision regarding the place he wants to call "home". This article is meant to present the advantages of a wooden dwelling and to increase your interest in such buildings. First of all, the wooden house comes from nature and is in a natural space. Which means it has ecological and healthy properties. The houses in the masonry are colder and stiffer, this comparison being made because a wooden house is warmer, because the wood is an incredible insulator!

Nowadays, wooden constructions combine the advantages of using a natural resource with high performance of modern materials. The wooden house is a well-designed, durable and affordable house, all taking into account the fireproofing factor, fire resistance. Even though some people may be skeptical, the fire resistance of wood is extremely high, due to modern construction methods.

Of course, construction time is extremely important to everyone. It can sometimes be even more important than the price, because time is money. A wooden construction can save time. How? Construction time is accelerated by up to one third. This does not depend only on us, but also on the beneficiaries. However, what interests us most is efficiency. Through a house or wooden building built by us, those from Rustic, you can live in spectacular and extraordinary buildings, which save time, energy and materials

The wood leads to an innovative design. It is a more flexible material than it seems and it is easy to be transformed into various shapes, lines and symbols. It offers a special well-being and a special feeling of association with nature, comfort, innovation and tradition. Wood has its life, it is a living material and very good protector, the wooden house is a character house, a warm and durable house. In addition to these elements, the wooden house has a low carbon footprint. Even though it is one of the oldest building materials, the wood can be extremely modern and can be used for contemporary or futuristic design purposes, as desired. From traditional design to types of design such as: oriental, western, nordic, or any other model and style that can be imagined.

Currently, the popularity of wooden houses is increasing, especially on the international market, because it represents a healthier living environment, it is energy efficient, the construction time is shorter and most of the times the prices are more accessible than other types of construction. The durability and flexibility of the wood make it a difficult material or even impossible to combat or replace.

Even earthquakes are more resistant to wooden houses, which brings them to the attention of the population everywhere.

The wooden house builds a friendly environment, not only towards nature, but also with family, friends and guests who will break the threshold. The wood manages to self-ventilate, having the ability to breathe, thus balancing the interior space. Rarely can you find a lowered wooden house. The air is purified and moisturized as it passes through the wood and because the wood is a good insulator, it maintains a comfortable temperature.

Some researchers believe that wood can positively influence the environment and mood, due to its warm texture and color. It is said that it can calm the nervous system and is a suitable environment for children and people with different allergies.

All this makes the wooden house a perfect environment for living and a friendly portal for recreation, for family and friends.

The feeling of home will be warmer and deeper in a wooden home, we assure you!

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