Wooden family houses

"More than 300 families in Romania, France or Italy now live in wooden family houses produced by ourselves. These are comfortable, tough and lasting. Rustic quality guaranteed!"

Cornel Cusner

For more than 20 years, Rustic Construct provides its clients wooden houses. The houses we produce are made of fir or pine tree using delivers sandwich structure or joined beams. Whether we deal with a simple design or want to complete a building with special architecture, we are ready to adapt ourselves to our clients’ requests and to make the project become reality.

A family house made of wood has a few major advantages when compared to other construction systems:

  • it is "alive" – the whole building breathes and thus generates a pleasant internal environment;
  • guarantees very good thermal insulation that translates into reduced energy costs with heating throughout the winter season and cooling throughout the summer;
  • uses high performance insulating materials, has a reduced level of noise diffusion;
  • due to the simple maintenance solutions it is durable, wear resistant and non-polluting;
  • it is safe – withstands earthquakes and, if properly treated, it becomes highly fireproof;
  • it is low cost and requires shorter time for completion;
  • it may provide the same level of comfort as any other building structure when it comes to openings, large spaces and large windows;

Why choose Rustic to build your wooden house?

We have a broad expertise in building wooden structures,our team is made of local craftsmen from the areas of Maramures and Lapus, with a lasting tradition in woodworking; we also have first class raw materials and high performance machines.

We work transparently; we tell you from the beginning how much the project costs and we inform you permanently about the way your project unfolds.

We abide by established deadlines and the budget. This is one of our main objectives and we endeavour to abide by it with each undertaken project.

We are flexible. We are aware that you need a house to suit your needs and therefore we adjust our production circuit so that it perfectly matches your expectancies from your wooden house.

We provide you with relevant advice related to your building solutions, space division and interior decoration so that everything may be adapted to your desires and hence get exactly what you wanted.

Do you want to start a project?

Tell us a few details about what you want and we will give you an estimate in the shortest time.