Restoration of old buildings and historic monuments

"Time is the enemy of any wood, rock or masonry made construction. We have the techniques and the skills to bring to life old buildings and historic monuments through restoration. Rustic quality guaranteed!"
Cornel Cusner

The wind, the rain, the sun leave deep scars in the facades and the structures of wood, masonry or rock made buildings and the carelessness of people accelerates the process of decay. Time is therefore the worst enemy of buildings.

Rustic Construct Baia Mare is involved in the restoration of those buildings that should also exist for the next generations. We use traditional techniques of wood and stone processing in order to recover the architectural monuments of bygone times. We have the support of traditional craftsmen and together we can manage to revalue historic monuments, memorial houses, wooden and stone built churches, towers and fortress walls, old houses with outstanding architecture, wooden furniture items.

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