Hundegger K2i

K2i is the main equipment used by our company to perform wood processing for various applications, starting with framing type system houses, rectangular beam houses with double Blockhaus groove and tongue, wooden farms and ending with small items such as balcony elements, terraces, etc.

Weinmann framing Station

The line consists of a multifunctional deck used to produce framing type panels. It uses staples to attach the OSB boards to the wall structure, it cuts them along the borders, it creates joinery gaps or orifices for electrical, thermal and water lines.

Homag BOFF 211 Edition XXL

This CNC is used to achieve any type of wooden item profile or bonding. The items obtained with the use of this computer numerical control centre are: door profiles, windows, stairs, furniture, various joints for structural items as well as inscriptions.

Toate acestea sunt posibile, datorita motorului in 5 axe cu care acest utilaj este echipat.

Weining Powermat 1200

This equipment is used for the processing of wooden items from different sections resulting from the typification process of flat finished items. With the aid of the Weinig Powermat tool, all elements can be chipped on 2 or 4 surfaces and various profiles may be achieved.

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