Wooden churches

"We have a calling to turn wood into sacred space, a place of prayer, a traditional style wooden church to inspire people of faith. Rustic quality is guaranteed for at least one hundred years." Cornel Cusner

The area of Maramures has a special tradition when it comes to the construction of wooden churches. Starting from this essential heritage of local culture, we of Rustic Baia Mare take lumber and give it a special spiritual value under the shape of wooden traditional churches.

This area is extremely rewarding and wooden churches built up to now are imposing architectural works that honour and inspire us to perpetuate this local millennial Christian tradition.

Some important references related to the building of wooden churches

Up to the present day, we have built 36 wooden churches, chapels and bell towers that are now used by believers throughout the entire country but also outside its borders, the most remote being built for the Romanian believers in Switzerland. We had the honour to complete the only Romanian Orthodox church ever put on display in the Vatican Museum to pay our respect to Stephen the Great; the tallest church we have built until now is 35 metres high;


We build wooden chapels using beam structures, sandwich walls as well as traditional masonry techniques.

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