Wooden weekend houses

"We have been building wooden houses, wooden churches and constructions for 18 years now. We breathe life into wood, granting it new shapes; we restore old buildings and historic monuments and this is an honour to us. Rustic quality guaranteed!"
Cornel Cusner

The most suitable building solution for a weekend house is building it from wood. The wooden weekend house fits very well into the environment no matter if it is located in a mountain or a plain area. Not only is it a biodegradable material but the entire construction resonates with its surroundings in order to get the highly desired comfort.

We have built 1-2 room houses and weekend houses on 2 or 3 levels. We have used both the traditional building procedure using beam structure and modern building solutions such as the sandwich structure. We have adapted ourselves to our clients and the peculiarity of the location to create a beautiful, balanced, practical and durable structure.

Why choose Rustic to build your wooden weekend house?

We are skilled with wooden constructions.We have an expertise of more than 18 years in this area, we have the support of local traditional wood craftsmen, we only use quality wood, carefully documented technological processes, high performance machines and a lot of passion to make our clients’ dreams come true.

We are open to novelty. Almost any new idea may be put into practice as we have the necessary expertise in wood working using ancient techniques with new shapes

Everything we employ in our relationship with our clients is transparent. You know from the very beginning how much you wooden weekend house will cost you, what its execution deadline is and which processing stage it undergoes.

We assist you with all necessary decisions for your project. All thermal and noise insulating materials, wood treatment against the elements, the optimal covering solution, are crucial aspects for a result that would meet your highest expectations.

Do you want to start a project?

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