Rustic ’s task is to hearten wood. We professionally build family homes, holiday homes, wooden traditional churches from the Maramures region, chapels, we restore old buildings and historic monuments. We produce layered wood joinery with double glazed windows, and also different wooden utility structures.

RUSTIC company, established in 1991, is the first company of the group and is the fruit of a daring vision and will of its founder, Mr. Cuşner Cornel. Initially, its main scope of business was the restoration of historic monumentsbut gradually, the company broadened its activity area and started, with safe steps, the production of homes and cottages made of wood and also of classical wooden joinery. In 1997 the company has purchased a real estate (land + administration block + workshops) located in Baia Mare, str. Victoriei nr.136A with a total surface of 8.840 sqm., where after reinvesting the profit in equipment, the company experienced constant development.

Starting with 2010, Rustic has specialized in the production of layered wood joinery with double glazed windows, internal cell structure doors and all types of wooden stairways..

The main scope of business also includes the construction of wooden houses and cottages, pergolas, industrial halls, garden furniture, restauration of historical monuments made of wood or masonry..

Given its continuous development and based on the will to confirm its position on the market, Rustic has managed to attract both domestic and foreign clients, owing its success mainly to the quality of execution of its wooden houses, holiday homes, of its gorgeous wooden churches in the traditional style of the Maramureş region as well as to wood based furnishings, so that in a short time it became a regional leader in the area of wooden structures and historic monuments restoration.

The greatest number of wooden houses (60-70%) is being exported to established markets such as France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, also seeking to introduce our products to new markets.

To be able to successfully face the execution and restoration of ”wooden churches in the traditional style of the Maramureş region” we started training young carpenters by assigning them to well-known artisans, thus being able to learn and carry on the craft of woodwork. Rustic has made 40 new wooden churches and has renovated 60 and has continually managed to impose itself as leader due to the quality of its works.

We would like to mention some cultural identity projects that are very close to our hearts: the partial renovation of the crosses within the Merry Cemetery of Săpânţa – with internationally acknowledged artistic value and declared UNESCO patrimony, the restoration of the Citadel Square and of Stephen’s Tower in Baia Mare; the renovation of the Butcher’s Bastion in Baia Mare, the construction of a traditional Maramures style church in Geneva, the restoration of the Flood Gate in Timisoara.

Rustic Construct is authorized by the Ministry of Culture and National Patrimony to perform the following works: architectural restoration, engineering, reinforcement and renovation of historic monuments’ structures. In 2016, the company was awarded the big prize of the Restoration Triennale for the completion of the project “Citadel Square and Stephen’s Tower” its role being that of general contractor. This renowned prize was handed over by the National Union of Historic Monument Restorers.


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