Wooden industrial and utility constructions

"Halls, terraces, office buildings, decoration and functional items for balconies, all these can be made of wood to grant style, comfort and durability for a more convenient price. Rustic quality guaranteed!"
Cornel Cusner

Wood is a practical material, suitable for any kind of work. From production halls and warehouses to administrative buildings, from superstructures for terraces to hunting watchtowers, all of them are refined with an apparent wooden structure.

Some standards related to the construction of industrial buildings and functional wooden constructions
We have completed more administrative wooden pavilions as extensions to industrial modern production halls erected on metal structure. This ingenious combination of materials and design successfully combines the need to achieve a specially featured industrial production and storage space with the need for a warm, natural, and pleasant work environment.

Our portfolio includes works such as covered terraces on layered wooden structure, bars and various wooden decorations for balconies, roofs as well as handrails or stairways. Also, we have made hunting watchtowers, production halls on wooden structure and other similar wooden constructions.

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