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Wooden family houses

"More than 300 families in Romania, France or Italy now live in wooden family houses produced by ourselves. These are comfortable, tough and lasting. Rustic quality guaranteed!" Cornel Cusner

For more than 20 years, Rustic Construct provides its clients wooden houses. The houses we produce are made of fir or pine tree using delivers sandwich structure or joined beams. Whether we deal with a simple design or want to complete a building with special architecture, we are ready to adapt ourselves to our clients’ requests and to make the project become reality.

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Wooden weekend houses

"We have been building wooden houses, wooden churches and constructions for 18 years now. We breathe life into wood, granting it new shapes; we restore old buildings and historic monuments and this is an honour to us. Rustic quality guaranteed!" Cornel Cusner

The most suitable building solution for a weekend house is building it from wood. The wooden weekend house fits very well into the environment no matter if it is located in a mountain or a plain area. Not only is it a biodegradable material but the entire construction resonates with its surroundings in order to get the highly desired comfort.

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Wooden churches

"We have a calling to turn wood into sacred space, a place of prayer, a traditional style wooden church to inspire people of faith. Rustic quality is guaranteed for at least one hundred years." Cornel Cusner

The area of Maramures has a special tradition when it comes to the construction of wooden churches. Starting from this essential heritage of local culture, we of Rustic Baia Mare take lumber and give it a special spiritual value under the shape of wooden traditional churches.

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Joinery and layered wood furniture

"Elegant, natural, functional, layered wood windows and doors with double glazed glass produced by us are efficient, good insulators and very durable. Rustic quality guaranteed!" Cornel Cusner

Our specialized joinery department produces a wide variety of layered wood doors, windows and furniture. Even in the case of masonry buildings, layered wood joinery grants special elegance to the structure. This modern building solution absorbs all peculiarities of the wood, eliminating its faults as far as sound and thermal insulation are concerned and also the issue of usage durability.

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Restoration of old buildings and historic monuments

"Time is the enemy of any wood, rock or masonry made construction. We have the techniques and the skills to bring to life old buildings and historic monuments through restoration. Rustic quality guaranteed!" Cornel Cusner

The wind, the rain, the sun leave deep scars in the facades and the structures of wood, masonry or rock made buildings and the carelessness of people accelerates the process of decay. Time is therefore the worst enemy of buildings.

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Wooden industrial and utility constructions

"Halls, terraces, office buildings, decoration and functional items for balconies, all these can be made of wood to grant style, comfort and durability for a more convenient price. Rustic quality guaranteed!" Cornel Cusner

Wood is a practical material, suitable for any kind of work. From production halls and warehouses to administrative buildings, from superstructures for terraces to hunting watchtowers, all of them are refined with an apparent wooden structure.

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