"The best holiday houses that we've built are located in the mountains. The furthest one is in Madagascar. The most beautiful wood holiday house can be yours, as the Rustic quality is guaranteed!" Cornel Cusner

Wood holiday houses
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The most suitable option for a holiday house is to have it built out of wood. A wood holiday house will best fit the environment whether it is placed in a mountainous area or on a plain. Not just because it is biodegradable, but the whole structure resonates with the nature surrounding it to provide the owner with the mush needed comfort.

We have built one-two rooms wood holiday houses as well as multistoried ones. We have used the traditional wooden beam structure as well as the modern sandwich one. We have been constantly adapting to our customers' requirements and the location to create a beautiful, practical, harmonious and durable wooden construction.

Why choose Rustic to have your wooden holiday house built

We are good with woodwork. We have been in this field for the last 18 years, we have highly skilled carpenters, we use high quality wood, our technology is carefully documented, we use performing tools and we have a lot of commitment to make our customer's dreams come true.

We are always open to the new. Almost any new idea can be put into practice as we have a lot of experience in using old woodworking techniques in new ways and shapes.

Everything in our relationship with the customers is transparent. You know from the beginning the costs of your wood holiday house, the deadlines and how where it currently stands.

We help you with taking the important decisions for the build. Choosing the right thermo and noise insulation materials, the right treatment to protect the wood from the elements, the right solution for the roof are important choices to get an end-product which rises up to your expectations. Making these choices right requires experience in this field.

For more details, please have a look at our offer and contact us.