"Over 300 families in Romania, France or Italy are now enjoying their wood family homes that we've built. They are very comfortable, highly resistant and long-lasting. The Rustic quality is guaranteed!" Cornel Cusner

Wood family homes
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For over 20 years Rustic Construct has been offering its clients wood family homes. The houses we build are made of pine wood, having either a modern sandwich structure or a more traditional solution with joined wooden beams. Whether it's a simple design or one with a very complex architecture, we are ready to adapt to our client's wishes and make them come true.

A wood family home has several advantages over other construction systems:

  • it is "alive" - the whole construction breaths, regulating the temperature, thus creating a pleasant environment inside;
  • it provides very good thermal insulation, which translates to lower energy consumption levels for both heating in winter and cooling in summer ;
  • fitted with high performance sound absorbing insulating materials, it has a low noise transmission level;
  • using simple maintenance solutions, it is durable, highly resistant to wear and environmentally friendly;
  • it is safe - highly resistant to earthquakes; if properly treated, it can also be fireproof;
  • it can be built faster and cheaper;
  • it provides the same comfort level as any other type of structure in terms of openings, wide open spaces and large windows;

Why choose Rustic to have your wood family home built ?

We have a large background with wood constructions, having in our team skilled carpenters from local areas famous for woodworking traditions. We also have high quality wood as raw material and performing equipments.

We work transparently, we'll tell you straight from the beginning the costs of your project and we'll keep you informed as the work on your build progresses.

We fit the time schedule and the budget. This is one of our organization's primary objectives which we intend to fulfill with every build.

We are flexible. We understand that you need a proper house for your needs, so we are willing to adapt our production cycles so as to fit perfectly to what you want from your wood house.

We'll help you with advice on choosing the proper structure solution, dividing up the interior space, and adapting every feature of the house so that in the end it will be everything that you wanted and hopefully more.

For more details, please have a look at our offer and contact us.