"Elegant, natural and functional, the stratified wood doors and windows that we produce are as well efficient, highly insulated and very durable. The Rustic quality is guaranteed!" Cornel Cusner

Stratified wood doors and windows
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We produce many types of doors, windows and furniture out of stratified wood. Such joinery will bring an elegant look even to traditional brick constructions. This modern solution provides the end product with all the qualities of the raw material - wood, while eliminating its defects in terms of thermo and noise insulation, as well as durability.

We use hard wood as well as soft wood to manufacture the profiles needed to make windows and doors. We also have in our production lines cellular doors, best suited to divide interior spaces, while for the exterior doors we use solid wood.

Why choose Rustic to make your stratified wood joinery

It is durable. Making the doors and windows' structure involves gluing several wood layers, pressing them together in special presses and treat them with special lacquers to give the wood proper finish and protection. What we get is a wood structure that is resistant to mechanical factors, that doesn't swell when in contact with water and that doesn't degrade on solar rays and wind.

It provides comfort to the room. Installing an insulated window made of stratified wood means a better acoustic and thermo insulation, much needed in any home or office.

It is elegant. Wood doors and windows make the whole building look better.