"Time is the enemy of any wood, stone or brick building. We have the skills to bring to life old buildings and historic monuments by restoration. The Rustic quality is guaranteed!" Cornel Cusner

Old buildings and historic monuments restoration
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Wind, rain and the sun all leave deep grooves in the facades and the structures of wood, stone or brick buildings, while the human negligence accelerates the degrading process. Therefore time is the greatest building enemy.

Rustic Construct Baia Mare is involved in restoring those buildings which have to exist for the future generations. We are using traditional woodworking and stoneworking techniques to recover the architectonic monuments of passed ages. We have in our team highly skilled craftsmen and together we manage to restore historic monuments, memorial houses, wood and stone churches, old watch towers and fortress walls, old houses with impressive architecture and old wooden furniture.

Some landmarks of our restoring activity

Restoring the Merry Cemetery old crosses in Sapanta, Maramures.
A highly complex task meant to preserve one of the most important tourist attractions in Maramures, which was in a very advanced state of decay. We removed 52 wooden crosses from the site, transported them to our workshops where the old rotted wood was replaced, sculptures were redone in traditional style and were finalized by restoring all the paintwork using the same techniques as Stan Ioan Patras, the founder of the Merry Cemetery in Sapanta.

Restoring the Stephan's tower in Baia Mare. The best known landmark in Baia Mare, Stephan's Tower is the most famous part of what remains of the former Baia Mare fortress. It was built in the 15th century and stands 40 m tall above the city. The last restoration works were performed in the early '80s, however the building has suffered severe degradation of its facades, its roof and inner wooden floors and stairs. Our company was assigned to restore all the worn-out parts and give the tower a fresh look in the new millennium.

Restoring the old stone church in Tautii de Sus, Maramures. Originally build in the gothic style in the early 15th century, this beautiful stone church was partially restored in the 18th century when its middle section was modified with baroque decoration elements. It suffered major degradation to its structure; however the most damage was caused by a heavy storm and a thunder strike in 2000. The foundations have unequally compressed the ground which lead to major cracks in the church's walls, seriously affecting its stability. Our company was given the task to consolidate the building's foundations, enforce the link between the walls and the foundation and repair the structural cracks in the walls using traditional stoneworking techniques. In the end the whole roof was restored as well as the stone fence surrounding the church. Now people can once again use this beautiful building for prayer.

Restoring the Bay and Schreiber houses in old Baia Mare's center.
Restoring the two houses dating from the 16th century was a complicated task. Built out of stone and wood, the buildings were completely transformed from ruins into modern office spaces as part of the new Millennium Business Center

Restoring several wood churches from Maramures. Many of them included in the national heritage and dating back to the 15-17th century, they were due to have restoring works for the first time in their long existence. These works focused on structural repairs on the foundations, replacing roof structure and the wooden tiles. We performed restoration works on the wood chuches in Sacalaseni, Coas, Buzesti, Costeni, Vima Mica, Lapusul Romanesc, Razoare, Culcea, Glod, Valenii Somcutei, Arduzel, Bicaz, Calinesti, Bogdan Voda, Rus, Draghia and many others. Our job will help these structures survive and serve their purpose for the next tens or hundreds of years.

Restoration works for various cultural institutions. Museums, fortresses or memorial houses, we have the required experience to restore, consolidate and bring back in the tourism business. The Tudor Arghezi memorial house, The Teleky castles in Pribilesti and Satulung, The County Museum of Maramures, The Art and History Museum of Maramures and many others have benefited by our specialized work and are today fully functional again. The restorations focused on structural consolidation as well as interior and exterior finishing or replacing the doors and windows with stratified wood ones.