"Warehouses, terraces, administrative buildings, decor and functional balcony elements, they all can be made out of wood to get elegance, comfort and durability for a good price. The Rustic quality is guaranteed!" Cornel Cusner

Industrial and utility wooden structures
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Wood is a practical material for any kind of work. Production facilities, warehouses, administrative office spaces, terrace covers and hunting towers they are all much more elegant with an apparent wooden structure.

Some landmarks in our industrial and utility wood

structure building

We have built several administrative buildings as extensions to more modern metallic warehouses. This ingenious material and design combination brings together successfully the necessity of getting an industrial storage and production space with specific requirements with the necessity of a warm, natural, pleasant environment for the people working there.

We have also in our portfolio works like covered terraces, bars, various wooden ornaments for balconies, as well as stairs and stair handles. Wood has also been used for hunting towers, warehouses and other similar structures.