"We have the divine call to transform wood into a sacred space, a prayer place, a wood church in the Romanian traditional style to inspire people in their Christian faith. The Rustic quality is guaranteed for at least 100 years!" Cornel Cusner

Equipment & Capabilities
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Hundegger K2i

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K2i is the machine which is used by our company in  for various uses in wood carpentry, from Framing houses, Log houses with double tongue and groove “Blockhaus”, Log houses with round log elements, roof trusses to small items such as balconies, terraces, etc. The minimum sections that can be executed are 20x50 mm up to 300x625 mm up to and the length is virtually unlimited.
The operator does not have to take measurements, markings or other preparation for the timber to be processed, because the machine through its software, makes them instead. Programs for the execution of wooden elements are automatically generated by specialized software (Wood Engine, Sema, Roofcon / Truscon) that our company is using for the design, this eliminates a large proportion errors that might occur. With these we can achieve almost any pattern, shape or desired processing.




Weining Powermat 1200

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With this machine we fabricate wooden items from various sections that result in the process of typification, in planed sections. With Weining Powermat, items can be planed on 2 or 4 sides and can be made in various profiles. For rectangular sections minimum dimensions are 16x30 mm up to 200x300 mm and for the profile ( double tongue and groove) the  minimum dimensions are 16x30 mm up to 200x300 mm with the tongue.


Structural Framing station from Weinmann

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The station consists in a bridge which is used to  staple the  OSB to the framing structure, cutting it around the outline of the structure, creating reservations for windows, doors, electrical, heating and plumbing. Besides the bridge, there are 2 "butterfly" tables that allow the operator to turn the panel from  one side to another, so the insulation can be placed inside the framing structure and to make the  claddings on the other side. With this machine we can make walls with heights up to 3 m and lengths up to 13 m. The transfer from the design software to the machine is done by a simple click.

HOMAG BOF211 EDITION XXL – CNC machine in 5 axes

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With this CNC machine we can make diffrent profiles  or joinings on any type of wood. The elements made by this CNC start from different profiles for doors, windows, stairs, furniture, and they can reach to  different joints for structural elements, even engravings.All these are possible because the machine is equipped with a 5-axis engine.