"We have been building wood houses, wood churches and other types of wood constructions for over 18 years. We give soul to wood in new shapes and by restoring old buildings and historic monuments. The Rustic quality is guaranteed!" Cornel Cusner

All about us
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Established in 1991, the Rustic Holding brings together various activities grouped around woodworking - manufacturing wood family homes, wood holiday houses, traditional wood churches, stratified wood windows and doors, as well as industrial wood constructions. We also have competencies restoring old buildings and historic monuments.

We are member of the Historic Monuments Restorers National Association - UNRMI and a founding member of the Small and Medium size Enterprises Development Center - CDIMM

To make sure we deliver high quality products, we have implemented the ISO 9001 standard for Quality Management to guide our activities. We have also implemented the ISO 140001:2005 standard for environment management and the OHSAS 18001:2008 for health and work security management.

In our business we are vertically integrated. We harvest the wood, transport it to our production facilities, perform the primary cutting, dry the wood in our high tech driers. Then we take the wood to our carpentry and pre-assembly workshops and complete the build in the final assembly workshop.

We have in our team great carpenters who learned the job in famous local woodworking centers such as Barsana, Mara, Desesti, Lapus.

We are honored to bring our contribution to the development of churches built in the famous Maramures traditional wood style, having built 36 such churches so far. The best known ones are in Geneva, Vatican, The Military Academy and the Municipal Hospital in Bucharest, Mizil, Cluj Napoca � the Hajdeu complex, in Horezu, Brasov, in several military garrisons in Iasi, Focsani, Bistrita, Oradea, etc.

We have build over 300 wood houses. They provide the desired comfort for their owners in Predeal, Belis, Baia Mare, Bucharest, Farcasa, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Madagascar, Spain, France and Switzerland. In Como - Italy we have built a large holiday resort with wooden cottages.

We have restored over 40 historic monuments, most of them being wood constructions, but also stone or masonry. Of these works, some are outstanding: 29 wood churches in Stolojeni, Bujoreni, Bogdan Voda, Rozavlea, Buzesti, Videle, etc, the 15th century stone church in Tautii de Sus and many others. We have performed restoration on the Maramures County Museum in Baia Mare, on the Teleky castles in Pribilesti and Satulung, on the 16th century houses Bay and Schreiber in Baia Mare.

We had the great honor to restore the Merry Cemetery crosses in Sapanta, Maramures and Stephan's Tower in Baia Mare, both very important landmarks for the local history and also important tourist attractions for the area.

We are ready to take care of your project. Whether it is about various types of wood construction or restoring valuable buildings and historic monuments, we can handle it. Please contact us for more details.